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Blue Footed Boobie - Bucerias, Nayarit Jody's Bucerias

Blue Footed Booby

Interesting Sea Bird, Found on the Marietas Islands. Males display their feet in an elaborate mating ritual by lifting their feet up and down while strutting before the female. Please Click on Tours to witness these Birds up close.
Possum Mexico

Tlacuaches - Opossums

The Only Indigenous Marsupial in Mexico, these adorable animals can be found hiding out in our dresser draws or under the patio...
Bucerias Whale Watching Wildlife Jody's Bucerias

Humpback Whale

These Astounding Creatures Migrate through this area 
each year...Click on Local Tours to see our Giant Friends !

Brown Pelican

Prehistoric birds,  with a wing span of around 6 ½ feet...the grace with which they fly & dive, leaves us all mesmerized. 


They range from 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 m) including their tail, and can be spotted living in the Iguana Tree when you visit the De Camaron in Bucerias...Or just sunbathing next door to you. 

Sea Turtle

These ancient creatures come ashore each year to our Bay & lay their Eggs in the night sand. Please Contact me for information on The Baby Turtle Release Programs !


Also known as Mahi-mahi or Dolphin fish.  They are distinguished by dazzling colors: golden on the sides, and bright blues and greens on the sides and back. Please click on Tours for Fishing Details


The Coati is an important part of wildlife in Mexico & has several different Names: Coatimundi, Pizot, Tejon, Moncun, Cuchucho & Gato Solo... You can visit & feed them water melon, along the walk from Bucerias to Nuevo Vallarta​ !


A common name for a number of different families of saltwater clams & bivalve molluscs that live in marine habitats.   What Bucerias is named for...The Diver of Oyster's

These fantasic people bring us Fresh & Sustainable Oysters... learn More via email 

Monarch Butterfly

Known for their incredible mass migration that brings millions of them to Mexico each winter. They are the only butterflies that make such a massive journey - up to 3,000 miles - Over several Generations !

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Largely a solitary opportunistic, stalk & ambush predator that is still at the top of the food chain. Their habitat is being destroyed However they have been spotted & tagged in Nayarit as of 2018 !


The evolutionary history of scorpions goes back to nearly 430 million years ago...Mexican Scorpion stings are painful but are usually harmless to humans.  In Bucerias we only see them when major construction occurs, which disturbs their habitat. 
Morelet's/Mexican crocodile, is a modest sized crocodilian found only in fresh waters of the Atlantic & Pacific regions of Mexico. It usually grows to about 3 metres in length. Please keep an eye out for your small children and pets...especially where Rivers meet the Ocean

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