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 Aims & Objectives 

 - Create a   "One Stop Shop"  -  Guide & Directory for Bucerias... for anyone to Use & Interact with.

 - Encourage our venture off the Beaten Path.

 - Discourage Pop up Ads & any other Vacation Rental - Time share, Monopolies !

 - Constantly update - Information, Listings, Photos, Event Calendar & Links, plus Social Media.

 - Advertise our small Nationally Owned and Run Agencies, on all relevant - Social Media platforms & this Site.

 - Use as many of my own Photographs as possible (hover over each Picture - Jody's Bucerias = taken by Jody) 

 - Support & Share with other Local Guides, Chat Forums, Newsletters, Email Groups & Charity Initiatives.

 - Respond to comments and suggestions.

 - Make sure that each Listing is created & maintained Equally. 

 - Force the Internet to Translate these Pages... Efficiently & Professionally, so we can all Comprehend & Join In.

 - Be patient & resourceful, in the Hope of maintaining the real Essence of Bucerias...