Sunday Market

This Market is held each Sunday from 8am - 1pm and starts at the mouth of the Dry River Bed and runs  quite along way up the river towards the Mountains. Delicious Fresh Produce, Clothes, Kitchen Gadgets, Pets and Taco Stands....

Karen's Fish Store

This Fish Shop is open everyday except Sunday's....They sell Fresh Fish and Seafood....The Shrimp are incredible

Take a wander to the corner opposite the Kiosko, and sample some of todays catch...

Mary Paz 

Mary Paz is a Terrific Local Family Owned General Store.

They sell everything from a Single Aspirin to a whole Chicken to a needle and thread ! If you don't see what you're looking for, simply ask and they can order it or send Jorge to find it !  

La Cruz Market

This Market is Held Each Sunday from 8am -1pm at the Marina in La Cruz usually accompanied by Live Music

Although I suggest starting out early before some delicious items are sold out !  The stalls offer locally grown and made products...From Sausages to Traditional Salsa's

The Little Bee

The Little Bee may be small but it packs a big punch ! They are a dried food store. They have many Spices, Seeds, Natural Remedies and much much more. When in doubt ask there first !

Fruit & Vegetables

This Fruiteria is located on Estaciones, they also have a warehouse located near by, the produce is always fresh and of a wide variety. Please ask if you don't see....

The Plaza 

Besides giving us a Place to meet up with Friends and have Fun...The Plaza is a great place to buy Fresh Fruit such as Pineapples & Bananas. Whilst there I like to have a smoked Marlin Taco and do some people watching

Toro's Carniceria Located Next door to Esquina 22 is a combination of Local Mexican Butcher & American Style Deli Meats...Also has a wide selection of Cheeses ! 

Stop on by for a chat with Toro & Family 

Toro's Meat & Deli

Meat Cuts Translated 

Beef                         Carne de Res 


Ground Beef             Carne Molida 


Boneless                   Deshuesada  


Finely Chopped          Picada           


To Shred                   Deshebrar   

Bone Marrow            Tuetano 

Meat for Grilling        Carne para Asar

Meat for Stewing       Carne para Guisar

Sirloin Steak              Chuleta de Aguayon

Round Steak              Bistec de Centro

Round Tip Roast        Pulpa Bola en Trozo


Shoulder/Chuck         Paleta/Diezmillo en Trozo 


Brisket                       Pecho


Shank                       Chambarete


Loin                           Lomo         


Filete Mignon             Filet 

Soup Bones               Huesos para Caldo 

Ribs                          Costillas

Short Ribs                  Agujas Cortas

Flank                         Falda

Skirt Steak                  Arrachera

Rump Roast               Tapa