Mr & Mrs Fish Seafood Restaurant & Bar

Mr & Mrs Fish Taco's
Mr & Mrs Fish Coconut Shrimp
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Mr Fish
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Mr & Mrs Fish         # 17  Av Pacifico y  Hidalgo           322 138 9581        Delicious Fish & Chips    Face Book Mr. and Mrs. Fish         

Some of the Best Fish & Chips in the Bay area...Felipe and his Staff always extend a warm welcome !  Try the Clam Chowder & the Delicious Margaritas 

A firm favourite with Locals and Visitors alike 

N'Wok  Asian food Restaurant Bucerias

N'Wok Asian style restaurant
N'Wok Bucerias
N'Wok Food
N Wok asian food Bucerias outisde
NWok Bucerias Map

N'Wok Asian food          Av. Mexico #28             329 298 0671                Asian food in Bucerias            

Chef Norman’s fantastic staff highlight his excellently Asian style prepared menu. Pho, Great Pad Thai and Green Curry,shrimp spring rolls with peanut sauce and the gyozas and great Margaritas. Would highly recommend, especially if you’re feeling the need to switch it up from chips and guacamole for every meal. Openings times Monday - Saturday 5 pm-10.30 pm. Sundays closed

Casa Triskell restaurant Bucerias

Casa Triskell Bucerias Owner
Casa Triskell Bucerias Map
Casa Triskell Bucerias collage 2
Casa Triskell Bucerias collage 3
Casa Triskell Bucerias collage1
Casa Triskell Bucerias collage

 Casa Triskell        Hidalgo  # 102 Centro Bucerias                  322 210 5041        Crepes, salads,quiches

French crepes and fries, best fries in all of Bahia. Saturday night reserve your mussels and fries. Openings times from Tuesday - Sunday 10am-2pm and from 6pm-10pm​.

Mi LOLA Restaurant Bucerias

Bucerias Mi Lola
Mi lola Bucerias Map
Jody's Bucerias Mi Lola 3
Jody's Bucerias Mi Lola 4
Jody's Bucerias Mi lola 5
Mi Lola Bucerias inside 1
Jody's Bucerias Mi Lola 2

Mi LOLA restaurant        Heroes de Nacozari # 602             329 298 2000            Pizza, meats, pasta salads     

"Really cool environment..HUGE salads, meats and GREAT Delicious (thin crust) Pizza!!!"and a nice selection of wine. Openings times Monday - Saturday 5pm-11.30pm, Sundays closed

Tacos Junior        Restaurant Bucerias

Bucerias Taco Junior al Pastor
Tacos Junior Bucerias Map
Tacos Junior Bucerias
Tacos Junior Bucerias collage

Tacos Junior restaurant        Heroes de Nacozari # 5             322 183 8821             MexicanLatinFast Food             

These Tacos are soooooo good! They don't open until 6pm but it's definitely worth a visit! They have beef, chicken, chorizo and pork tacos,. The servers don't speak English but the language barrier isn't an issue at all! The service is greatEl pastor is clearly the signature meat here and it is delicious. The variety of salsas is wonderful and my favorite was the pineapple/onion. Be careful it has a hidden kick to it. And for the after midnight eaters this place is open till the wee hours at night 4am!!! Openings times Monday - Sunday 6pm-4am

 Cocina Economica OLGA Restaurant Bucerias

Cocina economica Olga Bucerias outside
Cocina economica Olga Bucerias Map
Cocina economica Olga Bucerias collage 1
Cocina economica Olga Bucerias collage
Cocina economica Olga Bucerias outside c

Cocina economica OLGA        Alfredo Vladimir bonfil #11                 322 230 0069/322 196 0421       MexicanLatinFast Food  /Delivery service           

Great food, great price! It is a well served and tasty food, including a rich fresh water !! I recommend it widely! They even have a delivery serviceOpenings times Monday - Sunday 

La Negra  Bar/Club Lounge/Restaurant Bucerias

La Negra Bucerias
La Negra Bucerias Map
La Negra Bucerias bar
La Negra Bucerias upstairs bar
La Negra Bucerias outside

La Negra Bar             Abasolo #  11           329 298 0420                    Dance/DJ's /Restaurant                

Fun place. Has a excellent selection of artisan beers and all the food was tasty. This very cute neighborhood restaurant in Bucerias has anchored itself as the headquarter of hipsters for the Bahía de Banderas. It's super trendy and cool in a recycled way, think driftwood meets steampunk, designer cocktails, cool foodie interpretations of Mexican classics, great lounge music "a la" Buddha bar... a cool rooftop, surfing foodies and hand painted self proclaimed trendsetters flock there.. if this is your crowd you will love it... price is a bit over what it should be but lets be real... it’s the price to pay to be cool. Openings times Monday - Saturday 6pm-12am. Sundays closed

Tortas Korita/Tacos del Rin Restaurant Bucerias

Tortas Korita -Tacos del rin Bucerias
Tortas Korita - Tacos del Rin Jody's Buc
Tortas Korita - Tacos del Rin Jody's Buc
Tortas Korita - Tacos del Rin Jody's Buc

Tortas Korita / Tacos del Rin        Av. Mexico# 25             329 298 0062             MexicanLatinFast Food downtown Bucerias           

Real good and real cheap. Try the "Cubana"' fresh bun with lettuce tomato and bbq meat, pork I think ha ha, but real good and inexpensive, no it wont kill you, that is why its always busy, open for suppertime only. Find the place easy on the corner of "JAX" and YOYO MO;S.

 Openings times Monday - Sunday 6pm-12am

Tacos Linda Restaurant Bucerias

Tacos Linda Bucerias
Tacos Linda Bucerias Map
Tacos Linda Bucerias collage 1
Tacos Linda Bucerias collage

Tacos LINDA                Lazaro Cardinas # 500             322 728 5172            MexicanLatin, vegetarian Vegan  Food  Bucerias           

Simon's Bistro, Bucerias

Simon's Bistro Bucerias Logo.PNG
Simon's Bistro bucerias food.PNG
Simon's Bistro Bucerias soup.PNG
Simon's Bistro Bucerias 1.PNG

Simon's Bistro                Av. del Pacifico # 57,                 From 8.30 AM to 10 PM. Closed Sundays.                   

New in Bucerias Simon's Bistro!!! Opposite Mar y Sol on Av. del Pacifico (beach street in center of Bucerias. Pop in for breakfast or try a delicious bowl of freshly made soup or a sandwich made with their home roasted meats and fresh veggies, Want someplace quiet to relax in the evenings with a nice glass of wine as you share a beautiful Cheese and Meats Board with that someone special? Then Simon's is that place. And you might recognize Hugh and Simon from the Luna Lounge....

Buzzos                                                         Playa Los Picos                                      322 227 5893               Bar and Seafood near the beach        

Café Indio                              Abraham Gonzalez #2 Col Paraiso Del Indio                 322 138 3878              Fresh Coffee, Cappacino & Pastry        

Californa Pizza                                  Estaciones & Matamoros                              329 298 1796                Great Pizza & Pasta Free Delivery        

Casa Triskell                                   Calle Hidalgo #102 El Centro                             329 298 0374              Delicious Sweet or Savoury Crepes       

Culis                                         Guadalupe Victoria #33 Col Estadio                          322 159 6929              Fine Dinning on a budget        

Chinese Buffet                             Venustiano Carranza El Centro                            ************              Near The Plaza  Chinese Buffet      

Delicias Mexicanas                     Abasolo #52 Col Dorada                                  322 138 1121              Mexcian fresh food & Drink        

El Brujo                                           Av Pacifico #202 El Centro                                329 298 1004              Resturant on the Beach         

El Chivero                                        Av Pacifico #9 El Centro                                  329 298 0612               Music and Dinning on the Beach       

El Fondo del Mar                                 Punta De Mita                                       322 149 2925               A Taste of the Sea in Punta Mita       

El Rinconcito de Poncho            Av Mexico #15 El Centro                                 322 118 8515              Tacos cooked on a wheel Rim ?       

El Lugar                                      Venustiano Carranza  #10 El Centro                       329 298 0090               Delightful Local Resturant ?       

Encore                                        ALazaro Cardenas #51 Col Dorada                         329 298 0140              Garden setting with live Music       

Esquina 22                                       Av Mexico #22 El Centro                               329 298 1922              Great Happy Hour Mojito's      

Famar                                      Heroe de Nacozari #105 Col Buenos Aires                 329 298 0113               Excellent Mexican Breakfast      

Ixta                                                Lazaro Cardenas #500 Col Dorada                        329 298 3486               Fine Dinning with Superb Serice       

Fat Boy Seafood                             Av Pacifico & El Centro                                 ************               Catch of the Day on the Beach      

La Postal                                  Lazaro Cardenas & Morelos Col Dorada                    329 298 3467               Lovely Bagels & Fritatas       

Matsuri Chinese                         Heroes de Nacozari  El Centro                           322 118 1166               Daily Specials and Delivery      

Mar Y Sol                                            Av Pacifico #4 El Centro                                329 298 1914               Frozen Drinks & Fresh Seafood       

Matsuri Sushi Koi                               Local 12 Terralta 2                                   329 298 3800               Gorgeous Japanese Treats       

Meson Bay                                  Lazaro Cardenas #17 Col Dorada                        329 298 1634                Beautiful Ocean Breezes       

El Payo                                              Av Mexico #117 El Centro                              329 298 2425               Marlin Tacos in The Plaza ?