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Bucerias Library, Childrens Celebration, Bucerias Charity

Our Bucerias Library was built and stocked by volunteers and donations, mostly from the "gringo" population of Bucerias. Our dream is providing a library to the Spanish speaking community that offers a supportive base of resources in Spanish and English to the public schools and families, especially the children, of the Bucerias community.

The Library is a great opportunity for volunteerism if you love books and/ or kids. Located at the back of Bucerias, near Colegio Bucerias, we are a fledgling library with a small collection of books, mostly in Spanish, for both children and adults.

Volunteers are needed to staff the library weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Donations of books, particularly books in Spanish for children, are needed, as well as craft supplies, table games, child-sized furniture and tech equipment, such as laptops and learning software, both in English and Spanish.

Human Connections

For those of you who aren’t familiar with us, Human Connections connects local artisans and international visitors through tours and language programs. During our tours, we bring guests across the highway so that they can explore neighborhoods in Bucerias that often go unseen by visitors. We spend an hour with three local business owners, learning about their crafts and their livelihoods, and finish with a traditional Mexican meal. This is a tour everyone can feel good about, as we channel 80% of your tour fee directly into the community by fairly compensating the people we visit for their time and services. In addition to our tours, Human Connections offers language classes in our center, which is located two blocks from Bucerias Centro (right above Yo Yo Mo’s and Dr. Mauro’s office). English, Spanish, and conversation classes are available.

Peace Animal Clinic

Peace Animals Mission is to prevent animal suffering. Mass free mobile spay/neuter programs are taking place around the Bay of Banderas to help stem overpopulation of street dogs and feral cats. Peace also provides education presentations in the towns and neighbourhoods where the clinics take place to not only explain the importance of spay/neuter but to educate regarding local wildlife and the environment.

Amigos de Bucerias

The civil association Amigos de Bucerias A.C. is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the quality of life in Bucerias, in cooperation with all residents, elected and appointed officials, business leaders and visitors.
Amigos provides opportunities for residents and visitors to meet socially and exchange important information about living in and around Bucerias. We want to make Bucerias an even better place to visit, work and live, and have ongoing projects to:
- Maintain a recycling program.
- Keep the streets clean, provide trash barrels, paint over graffiti.
- Receive reports of non-working street lights and liaise with the electricity company.
- Maintain an emergency fund for local residents in special need.
- Assist with the Tercera Edad (Third Age) facility.
- Assist with the Spay & Neuter program.
- Liaise with other Bucerias charities:  Bucerias Bilingual Community Center (BBCC),  Bucerias Children’s Library,  Investors,  John Ozello                                                               Memorial Food Bank,  Manos de Amor Orphanage.

Cleft Palate Program

Wish Upon a Smile, a local Puerto Vallarta area program operated by the International Friendship Club of Puerto Vallarta, was founded in 1987 and in 1991 was granted Registered Charitable Status by the Mexican Government.

The Children and Families In Need is a foundation whose mission is to fund the various charitable functions of the International Friendship Club. The Club is a volunteer organization operated totally without personal gain and operated on a committee structured basis.

The Cleft Palate program provides much needed Surgeries & Assistance for the children of the Bay of Banderas, Mexico

John Ozzello Food Bank & Humanitarian Aid

In 2009, John Ozzello, the President of Amigo's de Bucerias at the time, saw there was a need for a food bank in Bucerias. He managed to set up distribution and collection centers for this need.
Currently, we are feeding 295 families per month EXCEPT for December when we provide a minimum of 100 more despensas. Our despensas consist of rice, beans, maseca, oil, fideo, and tomato puree. It is taken to La Fuente church, Tercera Edad, the woman's shelter in San Pancho, and San Ignacio where volunteers package it into individual despensas to be handed out.
Along with our monthly despensas, because of the help YOU have also shown, we are also able to provide 'emergency relief' as needed. In 2015, there was a flood in Nayarit. We stepped up and provided 250 EXTRA despensas to people who were affected by the flood.

The fundraising efforts include the annual Whale Watching Tour, the Beatles Tribute, Christmas Cookie packaging and weekly raffles and 50/50 draws on football days at YoYo Mos. For the major events, previous prizes have included two return air fares from US or Canada provided by Westjet and a weeks free accommodation at Villas del Sol in Bucerias.

Preservando Bucerias

We are a group of local residents, property owners, and business owners of Bucerias who are concerned with future building and construction changes that could alter the charm and accessibility of Bucerias. Preservando Bucerias Mission is to work with government officials and agencies to enforce architectural, building, and development codes that specifically address the preservation of the charm and “small town” image that Bucerias is known for. This effort is also intended to raise community awareness of the laws and codes now in place. In addition, we are also concerned about the environmental impact that large, high-rise and high-density projects have on Bucerias. Issues such as traffic, parking, public safety, infrastructure, habitats, ecosystems, and views need to be addressed. The traditional style of architecture found in Bucerias with its low-rise, low-density buildings, beautiful beaches, and small town charm is what draws thousands of tourists to the area each year, and keeps the local economy alive and thriving. Our target area includes all land from the east side of Highway 200, west to the ocean; and from The Royal DeCameron on the south through Los Picos (Playas de Hunanancaxtle) on the north. Codes of development may include such issues as height and density of new construction, utility services and requirements, road improvements for pedestrian and vehicular safety, improved walking, bicycling, and horse trails, lighting, and signage to identify for all citizens the “Windows to the Beach” and other landmarks and public facilities.

Beta Sigma Phi

BSP is a non academic sorority with 200,000 plus members in chapters around the world. We have longstanding chapter here in Bucerias with a new chapter just started in Nuevo Vallarta. The ladies in this sorority have various fundraising events throughout the winter season, which include a Christmas Bazaar, Fashion Show and a Wine and Cheese Party. The funds raised go towards assisting local needs, either individuals with special needs or programmes such as hearing aids and special school supplies.

Paws & Claws

In 2013 several members of the Amigos of Bucerias recognized a need within the community to help promote animal wellness. From this idea the Paws & Claws Committee was formed under the Amigos de Bucerias. The goal was to raise funds and work with the local vets to provide spaying and neutering to animals within Bucerias who may not have had the procedures done due to the costs involved. This of course was open to people bringing in street cats and dogs in an effort to reduce the population of street animals. This program is currently working with both Pet Vet & Care and Animalitos. Paws & Claws is run through Amigos of Bucerias which is a registered charity and relies on fundraising and donations from the community.

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