Tide Times & Chart...

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Rainy Season...Summer

Our Rainy Season generally begins late in June and goes through until October 

The average Daily Humidity is 91%  

Temperatures range from the mid 80's to upper 90's 

Thank goodness for the almost daily downpours, that bring freshness to the air and rolling rivers along our cobbled streets...

Bucerias Weather, Rainy Season, Children Playing in River. Jody's

Dry Season...Winter

From around November until June each year, we enjoy cooler Daily Temperatures, Cloudless Blue Skies and a Lovely drop in Humidity.... 

The average Temp is 74 degrees - Perfect for all of our returning Snow Birds, Fishermen, Surfers, Residents and Vacationers !  

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Avoiding Rip Tides

Rip Tide Diagram Bucerias

If you become caught in a Rip Tide


  Swim Parallel to the Shore 

  Do Not swim towards Land