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Sunshine Bar 

Sunshine Bar Bucerias
Sunshine Bar Bucerias
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Sunshine Bar Bucerias
SunShine Bar Bucerias food
SunShine Bar Bucerias bar
SunShine Bar Bucerias outside old
Sunshine Bar Bucerias inside old
SunShine Bar Bucerias Toby

SunShine Bar         Av. Mexico  #  20          329 298 1014          Live Music/Karaoke/Sports               FB SunShine Bar Bucerias        

The Sunshine Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite drink and delicious light snacks in downtown Bucerias,surrounded by great ambiance, friendly people and good service, enjoy your favorite sports on the screens or come have a good breakfast sandwich, crispy homemade hash browns, fresh juices, smoothies,and Bloody Mary's, Caesars, Bailey's coffee and Ice cold beer. Live Music every Monday starting at 8pm.

Come and have a tequila with us! Openings times Monday - Sunday 11am-2am

La Negra  Bar/Club Lounge/Restaurant Bucerias

La Negra Bucerias
La Negra Bucerias Map
La Negra Bucerias collage 1
La Negra Bucerias bar
La Negra Bucerias upstairs bar
La Negra Bucerias outside
La Negra Collage 2

La Negra Bar             Abasolo #  11           329 298 0420                    Dance/DJ's /Restaurant                

Fun place. Has a excellent selection of artisan beers and all the food was tasty. This very cute neighborhood restaurant in Bucerias has anchored itself as the headquarter of hipsters for the Bahía de Banderas. It's super trendy and cool in a recycled way, think driftwood meets steampunk, designer cocktails, cool foodie interpretations of Mexican classics, great lounge music "a la" Buddha bar... a cool rooftop, surfing foodies and hand painted self proclaimed trendsetters flock there.. if this is your crowd you will love it... price is a bit over what it should be but lets be real... it’s the price to pay to be cool. Openings times Monday - Saturday 6pm-12am. Sundays closed

El Republica  Bar/ cantina Bucerias

Republica Bucerias outside
Republica Bucerias Map
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El Republica Bar                                      Av México 13a                   Monday-Sunday 7pm-3am       Live Music/Cantina/ Sports/snacks                        

Republica is in the hart of Bucerias Center. It is a bar that celebrates the Mexican Banda Music and Spanish music with live Bands. Located on the first floor it gives you a nice view of the other bars on the street. And it is the bar that has the latest's openings time in for the all late night crowed that is where you can go. Openings times Monday - Sunday 7pm-3am. Fridays they open as well during the daytime from 12-3pm

Rhythms and Blues Lounge, Bucerias

Rhythms and Blues Logo Bucerias
Rhythms and Blues Map Bucerias
Rhythms and Blues outside Bucerias
Rhythms and Blues Lounge Bucerias
Rhythm and Blues Lounge Bucerias
Rhythms and Blues Bucerias nighttime

Rhythm and Blues Lounge             Av. del Pacifico #14               329 298 0043                Live Music /Open mic nights / Bar restaurant                  

Great place on the street in Bucerias by the beach with Live Music ! A fun & friendly atmosphere with a nice "Vibe". It just feels good. Going to "Rick's" (owner) is like being part of the family.Openings times Monday -Sunday 3pm-11pm times may differ in high season

Sunshine Bar Bucerias...