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Bucerías - meaning "Place of Divers" is a small Beach resort Town located in the Mexican state of Nayarit, between La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and Nuevo Vallarta.

It is a typical Town of the Region with a Close Community, Plaza, Excellent Restaurants Cobblestone Streets, Church, astounding Views and many other Services for Visiting foreigners ...

It has an uninterrupted Beach that continues North and South for more than 18 miles...



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I first came to Bucerias from England in April 2011 with my then, 7 year old Daughter Stephanie.

My Father had arrived here one month before and suggested that we come down for a Vacation, to check the Place out ...and so...we came, we saw & We Stayed ! 

My 25 yr old Goal in life was, to live in a Traditional & Safe Community....where we could eventually have a little Hobby Farm... "A Simple Life"...  Enter Bucerias, Nayarit ! 

Let me just say...This is one of the most Friendly & Helpful Towns I've ever come across, and so after settling Stephanie into the Local School and then finding plenty of Volunteer work...I noticed that many Vacationers would ask me...

"Where can we find the real Mexico?" or "These Restaurants are fine, but where are the Best Taco's ?"

Because all of the Locals had given me so much Assistance, it was Natural for me to refer Them to any visitor that had a Need...


And after a few years - I realized that many of these small Local Vendors had No Online presence and so were being missed out on Altogether !

Friends & Family suggested that I do this full time, to focus in on all these Referrals & my Local knowledge 

whilst helping to keep, Bucerias our small town...                                 (Just say No to WalMart!)

I wanted to create a Quick & Easy to use Guide & Directory that is updated Daily & that Supports all of our Local Charities, Artisans, People, Businesses & Ideas

         I hope that you enjoy browsing the site...Please feel free Click away to your Hearts Desire 

                                      & to Contact me with any questions or suggestions. 

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Avoiding Rip Tides 

If you become caught in a Rip Tide


  Swim Parallel to the Shore 

  Do Not swim towards Land